Luxury in Your Own Backyard: 3 In-Ground Luxury Pool Features That Enhance Your Swimming Experience

21 November 2016
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Have you always wanted to install a luxury feature or amenity that makes your home stand out from the crowd? Join the 33% of Americans that own a pool. A pool will not only improve the market value of your home, but it will also improve your quality of living. Think about being able to spend your summer days wading in a pool you can call your own. If you're looking to install a luxury pool that will really spice things up, here are 3 in-ground luxury pool features to consider.

Infinity Pools for Sloped Backyards

You've probably seen it all over social media. Infinity pools are absolutely gorgeous. They give you the illusion of swimming in a body of water with no boundaries, and will also make your yard appear a lot larger than what it might actually be. The illusion requires three things: a vanishing view, enough catch basin and space to install additional pumps. It's easy to install infinity pools if you have a sloped backyard. You can conceal the drainage with ease on the side of the pool that is facing the lower slope, and can also install and conceal other features or amenities there that can enhance your experience.

Infinity pools do not require extra maintenance in comparison to regular pools; however, they do require more cleaning. This is largely because infinity pools rely on a catch basin. You'll have to clean the catch basin regularly as well. If you don't mind putting in the extra effort though, infinity pools make for a wonderful installation.

Rain Walls and Waterfalls to Become One with Nature

Do you want to give your outdoor pool a vibe that aligns more with nature? You can almost never go wrong with getting rain walls or waterfalls installed with your in-ground luxury pool. You will need to allot more space in your backyard for the installation of additional pumps; however, the sound and visual effects you get in return will be absolutely breathtaking. Rain walls and waterfalls are able to give the luxury pools a more serene aura to them, and these features will help you relax while lounging in your pool.

Most pool contractors recommend installing the rain walls and the waterfalls at the deeper end of the pool if the pool is sloped. Although serene and elegant, you don't want to overdo it. Just a single waterfall or a rain wall will do the trick without feeling too overwhelming.

Lounging Ledge for Hanging Out with the Kids

Make sure that the luxury pool caters to everyone by installing a lounging ledge. The lounging ledge is basically a shallow end that allows you to wade around in the pool without actually submerging yourself. It's a good place to play with the kids, and will also allow you to get your feet wet on a hot summer day without having to commit to getting soaked. Some homeowners install water jets at the lounging ledge, so that they can also get a massage underwater while they relax. 

With that said, you can make plenty of different adjustments and changes to the lounging ledge. You can customize how deep the ledge goes, whether you'll be using marble or stone tiles to enhance the aesthetics and more.

If you're interested in installing an in-ground luxury pool in your home, speak to pool contractors like Contemporary Pools Inc in order to begin planning and designing how your pool is going to look. You'll want to consider the features that will best suit your lifestyle and your needs, along with whether installing a pool of those nature will be feasible based on the topography of your backyard.