Salt Water Pool Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

27 December 2017
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A salt water pool is unlike a fresh water pool, as the chemicals are different. This means that your maintenance tasks are going to change. Maintaining a salt water pool is necessary in order to keep your pool clean and safe for swimming. See below for tips on how to maintain and clean your salt water pool. Check The Salt, Chlorine And pH Levels The proper salt, chlorine, and pH levele in your pool is necessary to keep your water fresh and clean. Read More 

4 Things To Know About Timelines For Swimming Pool Construction

8 November 2017
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Thinking about having a custom swimming pool installed in your home? If so, then you may be wondering how long it will take between when your builder breaks ground on your pool and when you're finally able to enjoy swimming in it. When it comes to pool construction timelines, there are a few important things you should know. Timelines Can Vary Based on the Pool Type The specific type of pool you choose can have a major impact on how long it will take for your project to be completed. Read More 

Fall Pool Maintenance: 3 Tips To Get Your Pool Ready For The End Of Summer And Another Long Winter

8 September 2017
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As fall arrives, you may be using your pool for the last days of summer. In fall, the weather is getting cooler, rain is coming, and algae may be starting to grow in the water. Maintenance during the fall months is important to prepare your pool for the winter months. If you need repairs done, then you may want to drain and winterize your pool to have repairs done. There is also the option of winter treatments to protect the water through the winter months. Read More 

Installing A Swimming Pool? 4 Ways To Find The Right Size

27 July 2017
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Once you decide to install a pool in your family's yard, the next decision you'll likely need to make is how large of one to add. There may be more to this choice than you expect. To help guide you toward finding the right pool, here are 4 things to take into consideration: Budget. Obviously, you can build more pool if you have a large budget. Constraints in your budget can still allow for a larger pool if you are willing to sacrifice some accessories or amenities. Read More 

Things To Consider Before Having An In-Ground Pool Built

19 July 2017
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An in-ground swimming pool can provide many hours of fun for the whole family while also enhancing the look of a backyard. But an in-ground pool can also require a significant financial investment, so it is essential for a homeowner to be a very informed consumer before signing a contract to have a pool installed. If you're interested in having an in-ground pool built in your backyard, use the following tips: Read More