Seven Fun and Useful Hot-Tub Accessories to Maximize Your Spa Enjoyment

18 November 2016
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So, you've recently taken the plunge (pun intended) and have purchased a new hot tub for your personal home use. Congratulations on acquiring this relaxing, therapeutic, and pleasurable new addition. While you may have also acquired the basic maintenance tools such as spa chemicals and water test strips, why not maximize your pleasure to the fullest? Here are seven enjoyable and useful hot-tub accessories to submerge yourself into the deeper end of spa gratification.

1. Ambient Color-Changing Lights

Show your true colors and let your inner party animal shine through at your next hot-tub party. Colorful spa LED lighting often includes color-intensity modes for slow or fast light patterns. Underwater lights can be soothing or energizing to suit your taste and mood, and they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

2. Hot-Tub Cabana and Privacy Screen

For that little extra privacy, enjoy screened-in comfort with a pop-up cabana for your hot tub. The screened cabana offers mesh panels that keep insects out as well. If you live in a snowy or windy area, the spa cabana will be weather resistant also. With the enclosed screen, this is also a practical way to enjoy your hot tub on a rainy day.

3. Side-Spa Umbrella

This is a hot-tub accessory designed to shade you from the sun as you soak. This kind of umbrella may also protect your hot-tub exterior from fading and damage from the sun's rays. A side-spa umbrella is made with a crank-and-tilt mechanism so you can easily adjust it, and it swivels, too. Keep in mind you will probably need enough clearance in back of the spa to accommodate the umbrella.

4. Bluetooth Floating Waterproof Speaker

While relaxing with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet, what better way to enjoy quality sound? Bluetooth floating waterproof speakers run on rechargeable batteries and often hold a charge for several hours. Great for parties or personal use, you should also consider this a fine gift for the hot-tub owner.

5. Hot-Tub Booster Seat

If you are petite or simply need a little extra height while relaxing in your hot tub, the booster seat might do the trick. Just fill the booster seat with water to achieve the firmness you desire. A booster seat is also good for kids using the hot tub. Because this kind of seat is also cushioned, it may also help you feel more comfortable while seated in your spa.

Alternatively, you might prefer a different type of spa seat cushion. Water seats may be filled with gravel or marbles to conform to your natural body shape. This is all a matter of personal preference, so take your time to determine which type of spa seat will work best for you.

6. Cushioned Spa Pillow and Head Rest

Cradle your head in comfort while relaxing in your new spa. A spa pillow is a great upgrade for you. Most come with suction cups to attach easily to the wall of the hot tub. Spa pillows and head rests are available in different sizes as well. Many are washable, too. You might want to choose a pillow made with open air fibers, as this allows the fabric to "breathe," which helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

7. Hot-Tub Towel and Accessory Rack

Choose a sleek design that can be placed right on the deck or next to your backyard spa. Your towels will be close at hand, and some even include a cup holder for beverages. These typically include adjustable height and are available in neutral colors to complement your hot tub. You can often find these racks most anywhere spas and hot tubs are sold.