Installing A Swimming Pool? 4 Ways To Find The Right Size

27 July 2017
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Once you decide to install a pool in your family's yard, the next decision you'll likely need to make is how large of one to add. There may be more to this choice than you expect. To help guide you toward finding the right pool, here are 4 things to take into consideration:

Budget. Obviously, you can build more pool if you have a large budget. Constraints in your budget can still allow for a larger pool if you are willing to sacrifice some accessories or amenities. Opting for more ordinary building materials can free up money to expand the size. But you don't want to make sacrifices that are likely to leave you unhappy with the result.

Main Uses. How you will use the swimming pool will also determine what size it needs to be. If you have kids, for example, you probably want a large and open swim area where they can splash around with friends. Active adults with no little ones, on the other hand, may find a sleek lap pool to be perfect for their needs. If the kids will be moving out soon, you may want to consider how the pool will be used in the future instead of in the present. 

Yard Size. The dimensions of the yard itself may limit your pool size for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is legal or zoning limitations, such as how far the pool must be set back from property lines. You may also face structural issues in the terrain of your yard--like a slope or retaining wall--that make it cost prohibitive to extend the pool in some areas. Finally, if you want to integrate the pool into your overall yard design or architectural plan, you may not want it to be too large or too small. 

Lounge Space. What will you place around the pool? You'll need a solid surface around the pool for swimmers and general foot traffic, of course, but how large an area that is and how much else you want to place in the pool's lounge area should be decided before designing the pool. Do you entertain outside regularly and need square footage for an outdoor kitchen, bar, or dining room? Will you be adding a hot tub, water slide, or beach entrance to the pool? All these are fun additions, but you'll need to plan for the extra space they require. 

By considering all these facets of your pool design, you can help ensure that whatever your decision is, it will be one that makes you happy for years to come. Contact local custom pool builders for more information and assistance.