Fall Pool Maintenance: 3 Tips To Get Your Pool Ready For The End Of Summer And Another Long Winter

8 September 2017
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As fall arrives, you may be using your pool for the last days of summer. In fall, the weather is getting cooler, rain is coming, and algae may be starting to grow in the water. Maintenance during the fall months is important to prepare your pool for the winter months. If you need repairs done, then you may want to drain and winterize your pool to have repairs done. There is also the option of winter treatments to protect the water through the winter months. Here are some tips to help you get your pool ready for winter at the end of summer:

Treating the Water Before It Starts to Turn Green with Algae

One of the problems of the early fall that affects the pool is cooler weather. The cooler weather and lack of chemical pool treatments lead to the water turning green. Even if you are using your pool less, make sure to keep up with the levels of chlorine and PH in the water. Towards the end of the summer, make sure to shock the water one last time before you close the pool to reduce problems with green water when you open it next year.

Save The Water in Your Pool with Winter Weather Chemical Treatments

Many pools are partially drained during the winter months to winterize them. Instead of draining your pool, use a treatment for the water to protect it during the winter months. The components of the pool equipment still need to be protected in areas where freezing weather can cause damage. If you live in an area that gets frequent below freezing weather, drain the pool water below the skimmers and cap the outlets. Treat the water with an algaecide product and chlorine a couple of times through the winter months.

Drain Your Pool to Winterize It and Prepare for Winter Repairs Before Next Summer

If your pool needs repairs, then it may be best to completely drain the pool. Drain your pool to do things like patch liners, remodel the pool, install new equipment, or resurface the pool tiles. The winter months are the best time to do major pool repairs while it is not in use to have it ready to open when the weather gets warm next year.

These are some tips to help you get your pool ready for winter at the end of summer and be ready for next year. If you need help with maintenance or repairs before winter, contact a pool repair service, such as Kokopelli  Pool and Spa, to help you get ready to close your pool.