Salt Water Pool Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

27 December 2017
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A salt water pool is unlike a fresh water pool, as the chemicals are different. This means that your maintenance tasks are going to change. Maintaining a salt water pool is necessary in order to keep your pool clean and safe for swimming. See below for tips on how to maintain and clean your salt water pool.

Check The Salt, Chlorine And pH Levels

The proper salt, chlorine, and pH levele in your pool is necessary to keep your water fresh and clean. You'll need a salt water testing kit to check the levels in the pool. You can purchase testing strips for salt water pools that will check your salt, chlorine, and pH levels. The testing strips are simple to use and only require you to dip a small strip into the pool. It gives you results in seconds. 

Stabilize Chlorine

Chlorine levels can easily be eaten up in the sunlight, so you need to add a stabilizer in order to prevent this from happening. The stabilizer helps protect your chlorine levels and ensures your pool water is clean and sanitized.

Check The Salt Chlorinator

Salt water pools use a salt chlorinator to add chlorine to your pool for you, rather than adding liquid chlorine to your pool. If the salt chlorinator is dirty, it can cause it to work improperly. This means you may not have enough chlorine in your pool and you could end up with a filthy pool in no time at all. Check the chlorinator and clean it often to remove any mineral film deposits.

Sweep The Pool

Just like a fresh water pool, you should clean your salt water pool as well. You should sweep the pool floor to prevent salt from settling and staining the bottom of your pool. Use either a manual pool vacuum or an automatic vacuum to clean the pool floor.

Keep An Eye On Your Pool And Surrounding Areas

The salt from your pool can erode and eat away at areas around your pool, such as your decking. Keep an eye out for corrosion from the salt and make repairs as needed, and use a sealer on decking or patios to help protect these areas.

A salt water pool is easy to maintain, but it you'll need to change up the routine from a fresh water pool. Keep it clean and maintained to ensure a longer life for your pool. You can also contact a professional maintenance service, such as Pacific AquaScapes.