3 Pool Repairs You Should Not Put Off For A Later Time

14 May 2018
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There are many problems a pool can have that may seem like they do not require your immediate attention, and in truth, there are many issues with a pool when this is true. However, there are a few pool problems that you should have repaired as soon as possible. The following are among the most significant.

1. You have a problem with your pump

Obviously, if your pump stops working, you will need to call a pool repair company. But often a pump will begin to falter while still working. It simply is not running efficiently. It may be tempting to delay an inevitable repair bill until the pump completely stops working, but this is a mistake. A pump in poor condition will not be able to properly circulate the water in your pool. Even when your pool water is chemically balanced, poor circulation can still lead to the growth of algae and bacteria, making your pool unhealthy to swim in. This can happen even when there is no visual signs of algae and bacteria.

2. You have a pump leak

A small leak may seem like a small issue, but your swimming pool pump is fundamentally no different that other water pumps. The exterior cannot be exposed to chlorinated water, and its electrical components cannot be exposed to water at all. If a leak is left alone, it could mean the eventual destruction of the pump. So instead of a small repair, you need to replace the entire unit.

3. You have cracks or chips in your pool lining

If you have any type of damage to the lining of your pool, you should have it repaired immediately. But even if there is no apparent damage, it is possible to have small cracks that are leaking water. With a vinyl pool lining, it is possible to have small pinholes that are leaking water. If you find yourself adding water to your pool and there is no obvious reason for it, you may have a leak. Leaking water can make its way to the rebar in a concrete-lined pool or make its way to the galvanized walls behind a vinyl-lined pool. In either case, the chlorine in the water can destroy these materials, creating extensive damage.

Even the most dedicated pool owner will need to have repairs done. The important thing to keep in mind is not to wait. Pool repairs that are needed today will only become bigger repairs with larger repair bills in the future. Although maintenance is important, never neglect needed repairs to your pool.

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