About Pool Safety And Maintenance

11 November 2018
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In many areas swimming pools are extremely popular, with many homes having one in their back yard.  As entertaining and refreshing as swimming pools are, swimming pools need to be kept in good shape and steps need to be taken to ensure the pools aren't damaged, and that measures have been taken to ensure people's safety around the pools.  

Maintaining a safe pool area

In many states, a pool owner is required to have at least two of the features described below added to their new or remodeled pool.

A fence installed around the swimming pool that separates the pool from the home is a requirement in many areas. This means a fence that goes around the entire yard isn't adequate. You must have a separate fence that goes specifically around the pool area, so a person can't walk from the house to the pool, without first opening the gate.

A mesh fencing that is removable may qualify as long as the mesh fencing has a self-closing feature and has a self-latching gate that can be properly locked.

A pool cover may also qualify as an accepted safety feature, provided the pool cover is a state approved cover that has the necessary features, fits correctly, and is in good shape.

Keeping the pool in good shape

Don't plant trees too close to the pool because it can cause issues down the road when the roots get large. It is possible for roots to push against the pool structure and cause a lot of damage to the structure of the pool. If you have recently moved into a home and fear for an already existing tree, have a pool service come out to have a look. They will know whether the pool is at risk or should be fine.

Have calcium removed from the tile as soon as you notice build up. Otherwise, it will continue to collect on the tiles until removal requires extensive work. Also, make sure you have a green pool tended to right away because it only gets harder to correct. A green pool can lead to other issues, such as mosquito infestations and more.

Make sure you have plaster issues taken care of as soon as you notice a problem. Ignoring issues with the plaster on the bottom or the sides of your pool will only get worse and will take more to repair the problem. The first signs of plaster issues can include spotting bubbles in the plaster or finding small holes in the plaster. Contact a company, like All-American Pools, for more help.