3 Important Maintenance Steps To Take For Hot Tub Owners Looking To Prevent Costly Repairs

30 April 2019
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There's nothing like getting in your very own hot tub, sitting for hours and relaxing. The only worry you may have is the possible expensive repairs that come with hot tub ownership. Well, you can set this apprehension aside when you execute these maintenance steps. 

Change Filter Periodically 

To keep dirt and debris from collecting in water, hot tubs have filters. They're pretty effective at keeping the interior of your tub clean. However, they're not meant to last forever. They will need to be changed periodically to ensure they can do their job optimally.

Get in the habit of checking these filters every couple of months. If they're dirty upon inspection, go ahead and replace them. Make sure the replacement filters are the exact same size. You might even look for reusable filters, as they'll help you cut down on these filter replacement costs.

Keep Water's pH Balanced 

Like swimming pools, hot tubs need to have water with the right pH level. Otherwise, your hot tub's water could become a breeding ground for bacteria and algae, which can vastly affect your hot tub's performance over the years and get you sick.

What you'll need to do is invest in a pH testing kit. These are pretty cheap and easy to find today. Use the kit to find out your hot tub's pH level. If it's too high or too low, make the proper adjustments quickly. Get in the habit of checking this water pH every month to ensure optimal performance. 

Schedule Annual Inspections 

Even if your hot tub seems to be firing on all cylinders, it's still a good idea to have it inspected at least once a year by a hot tub specialist. This inspection will be quick but thorough. The specialist will assess important components, such as the filter, seal of the cover, motor, jets, and overall structural integrity.

If there are any issues with your hot tub that warrant immediate attention, the specialist will let you know. They can then fix the problem before you spend more money on repairs. If nothing is wrong, at least you'll know this and can feel better about your hot tub's condition. 

Having a hot tub is great because it means you can relax and unwind any time you want. However, hot tub ownership does mean keeping a strict maintenance regiment. Take your time caring for various components so that costly hot tub repairs aren't a continuous problem.