What To Do If Your Swimming Pool Filter Isn't Cleaning Your Water

21 May 2020
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The water inside your pool needs to be cleaned properly in order for it to be healthy for your family. If your water isn't healthy, it can have a lot of bacteria in it and can leave your skin red and irritated. It can also cause other problems for your skin and your health if your water isn't healthy. Your filter is what helps to clean your water, but if your filter isn't working properly, you'll end up with dirty, bacteria-filled water. If your filter isn't working, read on for helpful tips so you can make the repair.

Tighten The Hoses

Your filter may not be working as it should because there isn't enough water flow. Your hoses may not be tight enough and need to be tightened. You may also notice a leak in the hoses. Tighten the hoses using a nut driver, then check to be sure there aren't any leaks. You need to tighten the hose going in to the filter, then the hose leaving the filter and going back to the pool.

Adjust The Filter Setting

If the filter isn't set to the "filter" setting,  it's going to cause an issue with cleaning properly. Be sure you have the filter set to the proper setting and that the filter is actually turned on. If you aren't running your filter, the filter isn't going to have a chance to clean your pool. You should run the filter every single day, but if you can't do this, then just run it during the day and turn it off at night.

Backwash Your Filter

In addition to running your filter, you're going to need to turn your filter to the "backwash" setting from time to time to clean out any of the dirty water inside of your filter. You'll notice that the water coming out is green in color. Run the filter on the "backwash" setting until the water runs clear again. Do this at least once per week.

Change Your Filter Sand

If your filter isn't cleaning your pool properly, it may be because your filter has dirty sand inside. Change the sand in the filter to new sand, which is something you should do at the start of every season. Filter sand can be found at your pool supply store.

If your filter isn't cleaning your pool water properly, it may be because you aren't doing what you are supposed to be doing, but it could also be because your pool filter is broken. Hire a pool repair company for help with this repair. Contact a company like All-American Pools to learn more.