Essential Swimming Pool Equipment For Keeping Your Pool Clean And The Water Clear

24 August 2020
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When you get an inground pool, you'll need the right equipment and supplies to maintain it properly so the water stays clean and safe. You need test strips and pool chemicals for treating the water and the following equipment for keeping the pool clean.

Skimmer Net And Pool Brush

A skimmer net is a tool you'll use almost daily during swim season. You may want to use the net before each swim to remove debris floating on the water. A net captures bugs and leaves so they don't bother you while you're swimming, and it helps keep the water clear.

A pool brush is also an essential piece of swimming pool equipment to have on hand. Buy a brush attachment that affixes to a telescoping pole so you can scrub the sides of the pool all the way to the bottom. Scrubbing the sides of the pool regularly helps with algae buildup, and it also gets rid of suntan lotion scum and body oils that can cling to the sides of the pool.

Manual Or Automatic Vacuum

The bottom of your pool needs to be vacuumed out regularly to get rid of leaves that fall to the floor of the pool. You can buy a manual vacuum that attaches to a telescoping pole and a vacuum hose and do the work yourself, or you can invest in an automatic pool cleaner.

An automatic vacuum costs more, but it is convenient. The automatic pool cleaner vacuums the pool on its own so the water and pool are always clean and ready for you to jump in. This saves you from having to clean the pool as often and right before you swim.

Pool Cover

A pool cover has a few useful functions. It keeps leaves and other blowing debris out of your pool. It also blocks the sun so the water in your pool doesn't evaporate as fast. Depending on the type of cover you get, the cover may also help warm the water in your pool and it might keep kids and pets from falling in.

You may want a cover you keep on the pool except for when you're using it, or you may just want a cover you put on permanently for the off-season. Either way, a pool cover is a good investment.

In addition to chemicals, the basic equipment needed for pool cleaning includes skimmers, vacuums, and wall scrubbers. This type of swimming pool equipment is usually affordable, but you can find different styles of equipment at different price points so you can buy what meets your needs.

For instance, a shallow net skimmer is good for scooping out bugs, but if you have a problem with leaves, then you may want a skimmer with a deeper net that allows you to scoop out piles of leaves at a time.

Contact a company that sells swimming pool equipment to learn more.