Custom Features For Your New Swimming Pool

11 December 2020
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If you didn't have any viable ways to cool down while outside last summer and you own a modest-sized parcel of land that will supply plenty of space for an inground pool, invest in a custom water feature. Choose a unique layout or aesthetics that will make your daytime or nighttime pool sessions accommodating for you and those who join you.

A Tanning Ledge

If you have previously used public or private pools that lacked a lot of deck space or that contained a lot of furnishings that made it impossible for you to lay in a supine position, a tanning ledge is a feature you may enjoy. A ledge will allow you to deepen your tan or relax while resting poolside.

A tanning ledge is built into a pool's design and may consist of a raised platform or a slightly indented surface that is attached to the shallow end of a pool. Your pool contractor will go over the benefits of each ledge type and will calculate the amount of space that is needed to accommodate furnishings and decor that will be set up on the decking that is adjacent to the tanning ledge. You can even choose a ledge design that is located parallel to the center of the pool, supplying an equal amount of deck space on each side of the ledge.

A Mosaic And LED Lighting

Many inground pools contain the classic light blue bottom that promotes an aquatic visual experience that is similar to the blue waves in an ocean or the water in a lake. A light blue base is a popular option, but if you want your pool to be different than a typical one, choose a mosaic theme that is added to the center of the bottom.

Tiles that form a design or a picture will contrast with the color that surrounds them. Choose tiles for the mosaic design that are the same size as the surrounding tiles or designate the mosaic as the only area in the bottom that will contain tiles and pick a smooth surface for the rest of the bottom.

LED lighting that is built into the design of your pool will allow you to change the ambiance in and around the pool, depending upon your mood. Bright-colored lights may promote a festive mood and dark-colored ones may promote calmness. Speak to your contractor about LED styles and ways to add a dramatic difference to your pool and surrounding areas.