Why You Should Add Deck Jets to Your Custom Pool Design

5 January 2021
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Once you decide on the size, shape, and overall look of your custom pool, it's time to begin the exciting process of evaluating which additional features will make the pool even more appealing for your family and your guests. When you speak to a local pool company, they can outline a long list of features that may interest you. One feature is a series of deck jets, which are jets of water that come out of the deck surface around the pool and land in the water. You have the ability to decide how many deck jets you want around your custom pool, as well as where they're positioned. Here are some reasons to add deck jets to your pool.

They're Fun for Kids

While swimmers of all ages can have fun with deck jets, you'll especially enjoy seeing your kids making use of this feature. They'll swim up to where the jets of water enter the pool and stick their heads into the path of the water — likely shrieking in delight as the water hits them. Your children will also enjoy incorporating the jets of water into various pool sports-related activities. For example, they might attempt to throw an inflatable ball to one another over the apex of the jets.

They Offer Background Noise

One thing that you'll like about the deck jets is that they provide a source of background noise. If you're the type of person who favors background noise while you relax — for example, while lying on a chair on the pool deck and reading a book on a sunny afternoon — the gentle splashing of the water may be exactly the amount of sound that you find appealing.

They Work Well With Lights

Many custom pool owners put in different colors of lights around the pool deck, as this feature can give the pool area an appealing and colorful glow during evening swims. Deck jets and colorful lights work well together. For example, you might favor some lights that aim directly at the deck jets, which can result in the water looking as though it's brightly colored as it flies through the air and splashes into the pool.

Your pool contractor can show you a variety of images of deck jets that it has installed around other clients' pools to help you get a feel for how this feature can look. To learn more, visit a custom pool company today.