5 Inground Swimming Pool Repairs That Need Professional Attention

21 April 2021
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A swimming pool can look simple but there is serious engineering that goes to building one and keeping it functional. It is also a hefty investment, which is why you should be concerned if there are faults. Some faults like leakages are not very noticeable unless there is a drastic change in water level. You must inspect the pool regularly to notice these faults. Here are some issues that require the attention of a swimming pool repair contractor.

A Clogged Pool Pump 

There are lots of fine particles that fall into the water, which the basket does not catch. If you often have a pet in the water, then fine hairs will build up and get caught in the pump's mechanism. You will notice the signs of a clogged pump in reduced water flow and a higher pitch from the motor while there is no corresponding increase in pump pressure. You need a pool repair technician to unclog the pump. 

A Leaky Pool Pump 

The surface where the pump connects to the pool can become leaky for several reasons. For example, corrosion may wear the mechanical seal on the motor shaft out. A leak can become a bigger problem when salt water corrodes the pump motor. You will notice a leaky pump because you can see water dripping. A pool contractor will usually replace the shaft seal to fix this problem. More drastic measures also include rebuilding the area around the pump shaft to seal cracks. 

A Dirty Filter 

Does the water remain cloudy even after several back washing? A dirty filter would be the plausible explanation. Ideally, you should make a good filter choice when doing swimming pool construction. Pool filters have a limited life span. Cartridge and sand filters have a lower life span than diatomaceous filters. You need a pool contractor to clean and switch filter types. 

A Leaky Pool Filter 

Pinhole leaks can become gushers if they are not promptly fixed. Always inspect drain caps and plugs, along with the air bleeder assembly to identify leaks early enough. Have a pool contractor fix them ASAP.

A Skimmer Leak 

The skimmer is the prime suspect when a pool is leaking. Failure to winterize the pool exposes the skimmer to freezing temperatures that make it crack. A concrete in-ground pool skimmer can detach from the pool and become a big problem. You need a pool contractor to fix any cracks you notice. 

Is your pool experience lower than expected? Call a pool contractor to fix the situation before the problem escalates.