Pool Repairs To Prevent Problems With Damage During The Summer Weather

20 May 2021
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There are things that you need to do to your pool to begin preparing it for summer. These things include repairs that will only get worse after opening. You are going to need to have your pool inspected to make sure these things get done. The following repairs are some of the things that you want to get done before opening your pool this summer.

Pool Leaks

Some of the issues that you are going to want to look for are pool leaks. There are many areas of your pool where leaks can start and get worse over the winter. Thus, you may want to have a pool service perform leak detection tests to identify leaks and repair them. This will prevent a lot of the problems that start due to leaks. Sometimes, the leaks in your pool can be difficult to locate, which is why you will want to have leak detection done.

Plumbing Damage

There may also be damage to your pool's plumbing. These problems can start over the winter months and get worse. There are some types of pools that are more vulnerable to plumbing problems. For example, fiberglass pools are notorious for problems with pipes that are not properly attached to the shell. If the damage is due to movement, you may need to have the damaged sections of the pipe replaced. Make sure the pipes are secured to the pool shell properly to prevent future problems.

Failing Pumps

The pump may be another area where you are going to need repairs. Sometimes, the problems with pool pumps are due to them getting stuck after the winter months. This happens due to algae or mineral buildup that dries inside the pump and causes the turbine to freeze. A pool contractor can disassemble and clean the pump to get it working again. If the pump is worn or damaged, they will be able to replace it.

Damaged Fittings and Seals

There are also seals and fittings of your pool that can fail. These are in areas where plumbing connects to pool equipment. Some of the seals that may fail and need to be replaced include the leaf trap, filter canister, and pump. Talk to a pool service about replacing seals that are failing and other worn parts.

The problems with your pool are going to need to be repaired before they cause issues during the summer season. Contact a pool service for help dealing with problems before opening for summer.