How Can You Refurbish Your Pool?

12 October 2021
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A home pool is a luxury that can keep you cool in the summer and allow you to get plenty of exercises all year long. However, even the most well-constructed pools can show signs of wear and tear over time. Refurbishing your pool can make it as good as new. It can also give you the opportunity to add desirable new features to your existing pool structure. Here are some of the things you can change when you decide to refurbish your pool:

1. Refinish your pool.

The lining of your pool allows it to contain water. A pool whose surface becomes cracked or chipped can leak, which can lead to an increase in your water bill over time. Surface damage can also make pools more dangerous, leading to cut feet or slipping accidents. Fortunately, you can have your pool refinished. During the refinishing process, you can have your pool repainted or retiled. Any existing cracks will be expertly sealed before the resurfacing process begins. You can even choose to change the lining material of your pool if you desire.

2. Enlarge your pool.

If you're unhappy with the current size of your pool, you can make it larger during the refurbishment process. This is a more extensive construction project that will cost more than a standard resurfacing. However, it can lead to great payoffs in your overall satisfaction with your pool. In order to enlarge it, you must have sufficient space in your backyard. Your pool contractor will consult with your building plans to ensure there are no underground pipes that will be disturbed by the construction process before draining your pool and beginning the work.

3. Add a hot tub to your pool.

There's nothing like going for a swim on a pleasant day, but after a while, you may start to feel chilly in the water. That's when taking a dip in a hot tub can hit the spot. If you don't already own one, you can add it to your existing pool during your pool refurbishment. An in-ground hot tub can seamlessly blend into your existing pool deck, providing utility along with an elegant appearance.

A pool contractor can handle your swimming pool refurbishment. Because refurbishments can vary in scale and scope, their price can vary widely as well. Call a contractor near you for a personalized estimate of the job you have in mind. To learn more, contact a company like Pool Team 6 LLC.