Pool Tile Cleaning: What You Must Know Before You Start

29 December 2021
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Before starting a pool tile cleaning project, you must have a little knowledge of the process and what is involved. The right equipment makes a difference when it comes to cleaning your pool tile. The following pool tile cleaning information will help give you what you need to get started with your project:

Evaluating Pool Tile Stains

There is some basic evaluation that you can do to determine if you need to clean the pool tile. If the problem is with stains, there are a few ways to determine whether they are mild or severe.

Mild stains—If the stains are only on the surface of your pool tile, you can clean them using one of two methods. You can use a cleaning solution and scrub brush to remove dirt and mildew, or you can use muriatic acid to dissolve mineral deposits.

Severe stains—If your tiles have severe stains, such as black discoloration, you will need to descale them before attempting any type of cleaning. After descaling, use a high-quality concrete sealer that is specifically designed for fiberglass or gunite pools.

These are some of the things that you want to know about evaluating your pool tile before having it cleaned.

Types of Pool Tile

The first thing you need to know before you start cleaning your pool tiles is what type of tile they are. Pool tile comes in a number of different materials, and each material requires a different cleaning method. Here are some common types:

Ceramic tile—If your pool has ceramic tile, you'll want to use a non-abrasive cleaner and a nylon bristle brush. Using a nylon bristle brush will help remove dirt and grime without scratching up your tiles.

Natural stone—Pool owners with natural stone tile should only use non-acidic cleaners when cleaning their tiles. You should also avoid using a high-pressure water jet to clean natural stone pools. This could cause permanent damage to the tile or affect its structural integrity.

Glass or acrylic—If your pool features glass or acrylic tiles, follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning them. You might find that a high-pressure water jet is appropriate for these tiles, but test it on loose tiles before using it on the pool surface. You might need to adjust the pressure and nozzle spray before you begin.

These are the different pool tile materials that you might need to have cleaned.

Pool tile cleaning is one of the toughest pool maintenance jobs due to the high level of dirt and grime that tends to stick to pool tile. However, many pool owners have found creative ways to keep their pool tile looking clean and beautiful with minimal time and money. Contact a pool tile cleaning service to get the help you need cleaning up your pool.

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