Hot Tub Maintenance Is Just As Important In The Summer

29 July 2022
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In many areas of the country, the fall and winter months are the time when hot tub owners can get the most out of these luxury units. However, fall and winter use does not mean that maintenance can be ignored when it is warm. Summer maintenance is equally important. Learn how to protect your hot tub. 

Maintain the Water Chemistry

Balanced water keeps you safe. However, when the water chemistry is off, in some instances, it can also cause damage to the hot tub unit itself. The pH level of a hot tub must be maintained in a very specific range. Particularly when the pH is too low, it can have a corrosive effect on all the metal components in the tub, which can lead to catastrophic damage. 

Keep the Hot Tub On

Make sure you do not power the hot tub off. Some owners turn their units off thinking this practice helps save money, but it often does more harm than good. As long as the hot tub remains on, water will continue to circulate. Stagnant water will not only remain unbalanced, but it will become a breeding ground for bacteria growth, which can lead to even more issues. Since you are not heating the hot tub, the cost to keep it powered on will be minimal. 

Remember to Clean the Unit

It is also a good idea to maintain your regular cleaning schedule. A great thing about a hot tub versus a swimming pool is that a hot tub does not have to be cleaned as often. A thorough cleaning every few months is typically all that is required. If a cleaning falls in the summer, do not skip it. If you allow certain debris to remain inside the tub for too long permanent stains can form, especially along the waterline. 

Invest in a Cover

If you do not already have one, you should invest in a cover. During the warmer months of the year, the added heat can cause the water inside the unit to evaporate at a more rapid pace. Additionally, there is generally more wildlife out that might take a liking to this wet environment and cause damage. A cover not only minimizes the evaporation rate, but it can also keep anything you do not want in the hot tub, out. 

If you need additional maintenance tips or discover an issue that you cannot manage, be sure to reach out to a professional. For more information on hot tub maintenance, contact a company like Budget Pool & Spa Tech Inc.