Here's What To Consider When Building A New Swimming Pool

27 September 2022
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Swimming pools provide an exciting spot for leisure and exercise in your home. They also improve the resale value of your property and are a key attraction point for hotels and restaurants. Thus, when constructing a new pool, you should take adequate measures to ensure you get the best results. Below are essential factors to consider during new pool construction. 

Laws and Regulations

Like any other construction exercise, pool construction requires compliance with laws and regulations relating to building permits. For instance, there are restrictions relating to the proportionality of the pool size and your backyard. You should also adhere to safety requirements, such as setting protective barriers, using suitable materials to prevent accidents, and having a water treatment plant to maintain high health standards.

Moreover, your pool construction should not interfere with or threaten the structural integrity of nearby buildings. Compliance with existing laws and regulations helps keep everyone safe, avoids trouble with authorities, and protects you from multiple lawsuits and compensation claims. 

Choice of Surface

Another crucial consideration is the choice of surface, which depends on cost, safety, durability, and aesthetics. For instance, a concrete surface is durable and ideal for busy commercial pools. Vinyl liners are budget-friendly pool materials suitable for a less busy residential pool. They also come in different designs, shapes, and colors, giving you the flexibility to choose the most aesthetically appealing option. Fiberglass is suitable if you're looking for an easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain surface pool surface material. They're also nonporous, enhancing their durability. You may also use different surfaces for different areas around the pools to serve several purposes.


The location of your pool is crucial due to several factors. First, choose a location that ensures privacy to pool users most preferably in the backyard of your property or in an opposite direction to residential properties and apartments around the area.

Second, the location should allow convenient access and the installation of a quality circulation system. An excellent water circulation system keeps water fresh and sparkling, improves energy efficiency, and encourages fast automation.

Lastly, the location should also give you easy access to accessories such as shades, dynamic jets, cascading waterfalls, and outdoor and underwater lighting. This helps you attain the best experience and safety standards. 

Hire Professional Swimming Pool Contractors

Swimming pool construction is an important exercise and needs a professional swimming pool contractor to achieve excellent results. They know building regulations and laws and ensure their work complies with all legal requirements. Their experience and expertise help you choose the most suitable location and pool surfaces depending on your needs.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about new pool construction