Finding And Repairing A Leak In Your Pool

6 January 2023
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Avoiding some common assumptions about the problems that your swimming pool could experience can be important for ensuring you are in a position to be able to address these issues when they arise. Unfortunately, pool leaks are one problem that individuals may make a number of faulty assumptions about, and this could lead to them facing more difficulties than necessary in having these problems addressed.

Assumption: It Will Always Be Easy To Tell If Your Pool Has A Leak

There are many homeowners that will believe that it will always be very easy for them to tell when their pool has a leak. However, the signs of this problem can actually be far more subtle than you may have first realized. For example, small leaks may cause the water to drain out of the pool at a very slow rate. This can make it easy for a person to assume that the drop in water level is simply the result of evaporation. If you are noticing that the water level has dropped, you should always perform a comprehensive inspection of the pool to look for signs of leaks, such as puddles, watermarks, and other signs of water.

Assumption: It Will Be Exceedingly Difficult To Accurately Locate The Source Of The Leak

In the event that your pool has developed a leak, a thorough inspection is needed to locate the exact area where the leak is occurring. This is necessary for a pool repair contractor to be able to patch it so that the leak will be stopped. A professional pool leak detection service can use a number of different tools that can help them locate where the leak is occurring. Moisture sensors can be among the more sophisticated tools that they will use, but they may also use lower-tech options, such as small amounts of dye.

Assumption: Repairing The Leak May Not Require Major Construction Work On The Pool

A homeowner may be worried that repairing their pool's leak will require major work on the pool. However, there are relatively simple and effective repair options that may require little work to complete. In particular, smaller leaks may be repaired with simple patches that can be applied over the source of the leak. For inground pools, these patches may be applied to the interior side of the pool so that there will not be a need to excavate the soil to expose the buried wall of the pool.

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