5 Essential Pieces Of Swimming Pool Equipment

26 June 2023
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If you have just moved into a new home with a swimming pool, have just had one built at your current residence, or are currently looking for ways to improve your pool experience, then take a look below at five pieces of equipment that no pool owner should ever be without.


A cover might seem like a major investment, but it is undeniably worthwhile. When a pool is not being used, a cover helps keep things like leaves and small animals out, while also preventing water from evaporating. Plus, a pool with a cover can keep the water warmer after the sun has set in the summer. This makes covers ideal for people who want to have a relaxing dip late at night.

Pump and Filter

A pump and filter work together to make ensure two things: that the water in the pool is constantly circulating and that small debris such as leaves and bugs are regularly removed. Without a functioning pump and filter, you will almost certainly have a dirtier pool to deal with.

Test Kit

Another thing that every pool owner should have on hand is a test kit. This is necessary in order to make sure the chemicals in the pool are adequately balanced. A pool that has too much chlorine, for example, can make the water corrosive. Not enough chlorine will almost certainly put you at risk of exposure to bacteria, viruses, and parasites. These are just two reasons why trying to simply estimate a pool's chemical balance is far too dangerous.


When purchasing swimming pool equipment, don't forget to pick up a vacuum. These may seem unnecessary at first, but they are crucial if you want to keep the floor of your pool clean and the water clear. Plus, most modern vacuums are fairly quiet and can be programmed to automatically rumble along the floor of your pool when you're not at home, much like an indoor robot vacuum.


Once you have a pump, filter, and vacuum, all you need to do is make sure that the surface of your pool is clean right before you jump in. A skimmer with an extended handle is the best tool for the job. Pool skimmers are inexpensive, efficient, and easy to handle (even for people who are new to pools), making them a nice complement to the rest of your essential equipment.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for swimming pool equipment from local suppliers.